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That permanent magnets have the capacity of eliminating bacteria flora, which are created within all fuel tanks, has been studied and stated by VOLVO (QL MARINE group VOLVO PENTA).  As deduction, all those fuel savers working on the flow of the fuel may certainly not give this advantage.
Eliminating the 90% of bacteria present within the fuel tank means better combustion! Line molecules, crack them are all SCIENTIFIC HERESIES used by those whom have nothing of professional and whom, after a short period of time close and are forced to go out of the market. It’s a pity!! Because some of them might work but obviously not at their declared percentage; they might work at 1-2% stated that BIG UNCOMBUSTED ARE FORMED AT HIGH ENGINE REVOLUTIONS, therefore when the flow of the fuel is so quick that it cannot give the product ( installed on the fuel line) the chance to work.   
The neglect that these different entrepreneurs have demonstrated has, certainly, negatively influenced the image of the whole category of fuel savers.                                                                                  
In summary:   
1.    Lack of qualified and clear references.
2.    Absurd promised saving percentage.   
3.    Total lack of reliability concerning the principle of functioning.
4.    Lack of true ENTREPRENEUR SPIRIT by the sale promoters.                     
All this has brought the market to feel big scepticism towards the WHOLE CATEGORY:
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