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It is correct to state that the older the vehicle is the higher the obtained saving will be?

Yes, Certainly it is! As Volvo’s graphic shows, 40 years ago vehicles had about 35% of unburnt/not-combusted; in that case it is possible to recover at least a 20% of the same but this only for vehicles having 40 years of life. Little by little the percentage of unburnt has reduced thanks to the bettering of today’s engines, which have reduced these uncombusted to a 15%.

It is on this percentage that the fuel saver must work on; therefore it’s quite impossible to obtain a 15% of fuel consumption reduction on Euro3 and Euro4 vehicles. This leads us to state that the savings a fuel saver could give, on these latter vehicles, is not over 8%

Last Updated ( domenica, 05 ottobre 2008 )