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A synergy of materials among which ceramics and magnets that work inside the fuel tank.
At this point a comparison between prices would have sense only if these up mentioned considerations, are kept in mind. Why aren’t Car Manufacturers using it?
There are at least 5 valid reasons even if, in short, they could start doing so.
1.    They study the engineering of engines and not fuel.
2.    Before SUPER TECH, no such product had ever demonstrated to seriously work.                                     
3.    This is a product that gives higher result on aged vehicles rather than on brand new ones.
4.    This is an after-market product because it isn’t an integrating part of any mechanism in particular.
5.    The time necessary for the scientific committee to accept the discovery is sometimes quite long… An eventual adoption usually isn’t made in short time as some people may think; also because it is necessary to demonstrate its validity in time and on different typologies of engines.  
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