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Among the list of fuel savers we will, here along, study only the solid devices, which may be divided in two categories:

  • Those that work on the flow of the fuel.
  • Those that work inside the fuel tank.


Those that work on the flow of the fuel.
Within the first category we find tens of products having different names but identical in composition and way of use. We are speaking of magnets which are installed on the fuel flow line ( fuelmax is one of the first found on different markets and it has been forbidden by the united states court because  when it has been tested according to scientifc methods it has resulted to be unefficacy attached you will find some websites to visit 


Those that work inside the fuel tank.
Within the second category there are only two products of which only one has demonstrated to be truely efficacy: SUPER TECH«. A synergy of materials among which ceramics and magnets that work inside the fuel tank                                                                                                                  
At this point a comparison between prices would have sense only if these up mentioned considerations, are kept in mind.

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