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Car manufacturers' lobbies have brought EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), for years, to apply absolutely UNREAL test on fuel consumption and gas emissions and as consequence, also all those retrofit products, defined as fuel savers, from 1995 till today, were tested in a WRONG and anyhow UNREAL way. As a result, the so flaunted list of fuel saving products, banned by the same EPA, have NEVER been tested in a REAL way , therefore they may defined as “NOT TESTED”.


Indeed they cannot be defined as useless or not working since the PROOF of such statement is missing. If , in 2008, EPA has ADMITTED that the modalities of testing consumptions, used up to that date, to determine the fuel consumptions and the gas emissions of new vehicles, were WRONG; since these same procedures were used to test those famous retrofit fuel savers, at the same time EPA was admitting that all what was done before was FALSE, was lacking of scientific basis and artfully UNREAL! ERGO, it could be possible that some, among these, do work and help reduce gas emission and fuel consumptions. The so boasted EPA was wrong and had admitted it.


EPA should now delete the list of products that were banned, without ANY REAL PROOF of their “no work”. In line , with nowadays, another myth has fallen: EPA that has joked all those purchasers of vehicles from 1995 till 2008! At least EPA has admitted its mistake. A praise to the Italian magazine "Quattro Ruote" that has highlighted the lack of seriousness and absolute unreliability. They also, should renege what written about “fuel savers”, when mentioning EPA as if it was the Bible.


”The tests done in lab. may never represent what realistically happens on road” | read more

Last Updated ( martedý, 10 giugno 2014 )